• Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Marketing
  • Business Consultant
Graphic design services can be an array of different projects. The good news is that at Vivo Designs will have creative solutions for all your business needs. If you need it designed for digital or print we can handle the project. Below is a list of graphic design services we can offer but are not limited to:
    Logo Design
    Branding Identity
    Print and Design
    Marketing Materials
    Store Front Signage and Product Displays
    Invitations and Programs
    Sporting Event Tickets, Programs, and Uniform
    Postcards, Flyers, and Presentation Folders
    Apparel and Promotional Items
    Unique and Speciality Projects

Every business needs a website but nowadays consumers want to see something current, sleek, clean, and most importantly a website that is easy to navigate. People want to be able to find all the information on a website without hunting for it. Design is important but it is just as important to properly optimize your content and site so people can find your business. We will ensure your site is responsive and can be viewed on a desktop computer, phone, or tablet.
    Custom Website Designs
    Mobile Responsive Websites
    Wordpress or Other Site Builders
    Redesign and Website Management
    Web Content Writing
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO/SEM)
    Website Hosting Plans
    Domain Management

Marketing: the action or business of promoting and selling products or services. No matter the size of your company, you will need some form of marketing. We market everyday using social media, websites, flyers, mailers, and even through old fashion word of mouth. Let's understand your niche that your business has a the solution for others pains and problems. Your business may not be for everyone, so you want to use your marketing dollars as effective as possible. Let's work together to find the right demographic target audience and let people know what you offer.
    Print Media Marketing Collateral
    Email Marketing Newsletter
    CRM Marketing Workflow Automation
    Mailers: Special Offers/Announcements
    Referals or Word of Mouth

With any business, whether you are a startup or rebuidling your business, Vivo Design provides business solutions to improve existing business practices or to create new solutions. There are many methods to improve your business to be more efficient, creating automations, ensuring your business is current, and learning new apps or softwares. We can work together to brainstorm about the opportunities to ehance the value of your service, products, or internal business operational structure. Vivo Designs specializes with startup businesses to ensure you have everything you need to launch your new business. We go through the checklist from logo design, branding, signage, marketing collateral and strategy, integrating POS or CRM systems, and other additional adminstrative setup and support.

My Story

Behind The Love And Passion To Design
I'm a true geek at heart with an extensively unique background not only within the creative and design industry but as an inspired positive creative thinker. More than 20 years ago, I found myself inspired while collaborating with a graphic designer for our senior high school class t-shirts and instantly fell in love with design! To think what we imagine, we can create, and make into something to share with others. I have been designing ever since! I started with logo and screen printing design. I found myself designing for personal and family social events, and then later working with nonprofit organizations, sport organizations, and small businesses. I realized, using my creative ability was a constant challenge, that people had ideas but needed someone creative to assist in producing their vision. I like a good challenge and I take pride being a creative problem solver. I went from graphic design, web design, and then became a creative problem solver.

As a successful female entrepreneur, I also have acquired a variety of business skills such as business operations, marketing, Information Technology (IT) support, problem solving, general management and have taken on multiple leadership and managerial roles. I also focus in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration, maintenance and email marketing automation workflows and systems (Salesforce, Hubspot, and Kindful). I not only design but I'll take your project from start to end, finished product. Providing services for printing, custom products, marketing and creative support and additional support in developing a business operational and marketing plan. Consider Vivo Designs as your one stop creative solution partner for your business or organization. Let's strategize, get creative, and take your business to the next level!

It's not a job, it is my passion; Design is Life!


Marketing & Creative Design Strategist

More Than A Designer
I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Graphic Communications at San Francisco State University and recently earned my Masters of Arts in Arts Management in Nonprofits at Claremont Graduate University, Sotheby's Institute of Art. Not only am I a successful female entrepreneur, but I am a proud mother of an amazing son. I have a growing modern family, with my lovely partner, her children, and raising our three fur-babies as well. I have an extensive background in the fitness/health and wellness industry, being an athlete all my life mostly playing basketball and tackle football. For fifteen years, I played and owned the currently defunct California Quake Women's Tackle Football Team and empowering women and youth to seek their dreams to play any sport. As a retired athlete, I find myself doing occassional 5k runs, obstacle courses, or hitting the beach to play in a co-ed flag football league. I love to design, but I do my best to have a happy balance between doing what I love to do and being with the ones's I love!

Let's Get Coffee!
Of course there is more to me than what you see or read. Acquiring the skills is part of the recquisition but personality and my adaptable social qualities are just as vital to finding the right individual to collaborate with for your organization, business or project. I am friendly, professional, outgoing and ooze passion for what I do. I'm here to assist you grow your business and get SH*T done that you don't have time to learn and do yourself. Let's meet over coffee in person or over video chat to brainstorm creative solutions together!

Professional Highlights

  • Exhibit Catalogue Creative Designer

    Joint collaboration with LACMA and The Japan Foundation curating the exhibit catalog for Dwight Hwang, Impressions of the Seas: Japanese Gyotaku Fish Prints. Working directly with the curator, Michael Vanhartingsveldt and lead mediator, Jill Steggall (Master of Arts, Art Business Candidate). VIEW CATALOGUE

  • Graduate Writing Samples

    While attending Claremont Graduate University earning a Masters of Arts in Arts Management, writing became a passion more than ever. From legal memos and bibliogrpahy annotations, professional writing is required in any business. SAMPLE 1 | SAMPLE 2 | SAMPLE 3

  • Marketing Business Plan

    Smart Turf is a small business which required a re-assessment of their marketing strategy. I analyzed their current position and created a new game plan for their entire product line. VIEW MARKETING PLAN ANALYSIS

  • Media Pitch

    Everyone has new ideas but how do we share them? Where do we begin? I have written a book that I've been working on for more than a decade but have not completely finished it because I did not know what to do once it was done. So I developed a pitch on how to distribute and promote this medium, in hopes to one day follow through and publish it! VIEW MEDIA PITCH

  • Non Profit Proposal

    There are plenty of non profit organizations but you can never have enough non profit organizations for youth and arts! I strongly believe the City of Pomona has a strong art district but I could not find one specifically geared towards children. I've created a powerpoint presentaiton proposal that's focused on building a new organization. VIEW NON PROFIT PROPOSAL

  • Research Proposal

    In most communities you can typically find an art event, festival, museum or live performance. But the interest in art just doesn't seem to be a priority as it's more of a luxury. But why? I've developed a research proposal about the growth traditional art versus immersive art. VIEW PROPOSAL